Alternative Justice of the Peace

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Alternative justice of the peace (JP) is a judicial officer, a lower court elected or appointed by a commission (letters patent) to maintain peace. Within centuries, past peace commissioner is often used with the same meaning. Depending on the jurisdiction, such judges dispense Summary justice or just know the local administrative applications in common law jurisdictions. JPs are appointed or elected by citizens the jurisdiction in which they serve, and are (or were) generally do not need to have any formal legal education in order to qualify for the office. Some jurisdictions have different forms of training for JPs.



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Getting married by the Alternative Justice of the Peace

Hiring a wedding magistrate wedding is becoming increasingly common for couples seeking a way to find common ground in life and faith. JPs also have the authority to perform wedding ceremonies and swearing couples who marry.


Since a justice of the peace is chosen by law and not by a particular church or denomination, which are often used in secular weddings and also in other situations such as same-sex marriage. These civil ceremonies become more common, the demand for judges has increased as churches have the right and authority to refuse to perform such a ceremony if they do not agree with it morally.



Justices of the Peace can be there to perform a legal wedding ceremony, as dictated by their home state. No need to cling to a particular religion, which is why they are popular for secular ceremonies. They are also open to less conventional aspects of the ceremony, and frequently advertised such as wedding officiant for everyone, regardless of creed, nationality or sexual orientation. This makes them very attractive for groups that are already tired of being wrongfully perceived and rejected by other communities.


A justice of the peace can perform wedding ceremonies in many states, and their services may be preferable for couples who want a more secular and less event-oriented religion. Whatever the reason for the election of a justice of the peace, no matter who performs the ceremony the couple is sure to have a memorable and happy day by choosing an event that reflects what they really are.

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